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The New Moon - New Moon Yoga Circles

Many modern Western Women’s circles / moon circles are held on the full moon. The full moon being a very visual clear symbol of the lunar cycle, that even us out of touch western’s can grasp hold of. The full moon is actually the half way point of the moon’s cycle, likened to the half way point of women’s cycles - ovulation. I attended a full moon gathering recently which described the full moon as the start of a cycle, the time to plant intention for the upcoming cycle. How many moon circles are being run with wrong information, actually taking us further away from our natural lunar way of living (albeit with good, heart felt intention I am sure).

I’d love to introduce you to the New Moon. The New Moon, likened to winter or our menstruation time, is actually the start of a new lunar cycle. The sky is dark, no distraction. The moon unshowing, or a tiny slither, on the cusp of expanding.

The New Moon is a time to retreat, go inward.

The New Moon is a time to nourish ourselves.

The New Moon is a time to reflect back on the previous month.

The New Moon is a time to plant seeds of intention for the upcoming month.

I would like to welcome you to a community of like minded women. Women who come together under the dark sky of the New Moon. Women who put themselves first once a month, knowing that this will set them up for the month ahead – physically and emotionally. Women who know the importance of the village, the lunar cycle that holds us together.

My New Moon Yoga Circles will be held on the week of the new moon each month, and will include a welcoming breathwork to bring us together, gentle yoga movement to release and nourish, a guided visualisation, an opportunity to share, a nourishing activity (self massage, restorative yoga, a reading, journaling, etc), a closing meditation & breathwork.

The circle will differ each month depending on the season.

The circle will be sensitively led by me, and you can share/talk as much or as little as you wish.

I am very passionate about women’s mental health and wellbeing, and believe that by tuning into our natural lunar cycles we can improve our connection to ourselves and each other, thereby improving our wellbeing.

You can book your spot here:

Phases of the Lunar moon cycle
Moon Stages - New Moon Yoga Circles

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