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A couple of weeks ago, I held my first Bump & Baby coffee morning - a private coffee morning open to ladies and their babies who had attended my Prenatal Yoga course. I could feel such a longing and energy during the prenatal classes for more time to chat and really get to know one another, which is tricky during a one hour yoga session. During our coffee morning, we could get to know each other, and possibly our new babies, a bit more intimately and openly. It was such a gorgeous morning, and this will be a monthly meetup.

This week, I met up with my lovely friend Siobhan from Little Buds Nurture Hub (so much more than any other baby massage courses around, go check her out!) and another friend whom I met at one of my yoga classes. She came to my prenatal class, and now her baby and Joshy are friends - how adorable is that?!

At my Restorative Yoga session on Friday night, it was so lovely to see my yogis chatting with each other, and meeting others that attend a different one of my classes than themselves. The web of community spreading wider at my different events and specials.

When starting my yoga business, I knew whole heartedly how magical it would be to spread the joy of yoga, but I didn't realise how much of a strong community I would build. I absolutely love to see the deep friendships blossoming, and there's something special even in just the weekly 'hiya's amongst attendees. I get so much from seeing my regular yogis, getting to know them more as they come weekly and then come to an event. I feel so blessed to have made so many friends of my attendees and share so much of our lives together, as women and/or mothers.

So, a big thank you to this lovely You Time Community that we are creating, it's down to all of you - so much love.

If this sense of community really calls to your heart and speaks to you, I would strongly encourage attending one of my New Moon Yoga Circles. Yes, there's yoga - but there's so much more:

- Activity 1 - Leaving Burdens. Pass a basket of stones around the circle, take one and share (with consent) your burden and then place into the circle, unburdening yourself

- Activity 2 - Yoga flow

- Activity 3 - Guided Visualisation in a resting position, such as led on your back or side.

- Activity 4 - Guided Journaling based on visualisation

- Activity 5 - Sharing Time - share anything that came up for you if you want to

- Activity 6 - Closing the Circle with a breathwork

If you enjoy my yoga classes, and/or enjoyed our Flourish retreat, you'll really enjoy this coming together with other women to unburden, take time to think and be, and connect.

You can book here:

This first circle is Tuesday 16th May 19:30 - 21:00. If this doesn't suit you, please know that the majority of the rest of the monthly New Moon Circles are on Friday evenings 19:00 - 20:30. If that's better for you, do get yourself booked onto June's!

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