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Prenatal Yoga

How does taking an hour completely for you and your baby each week sound?

During Prenatal Yoga, we use yoga to release tension from areas commonly under strain during pregnancy and strengthen the body ready for the growing weight of baby, labour and birth.

We connect to ourselves, our babies and each other on a deep level, bringing connection and love to this journey into motherhood.

Enjoy beautiful soft music, spoken readings and poetry, aromatherapy (pregnancy safe), hands on touch & massage (if you consent) and dim lights all with the aim to nourish and restore YOU, and give you time to connect with the growing life inside you.


Why isn't there a drop in option?
Booking yourself onto a course keeps you accountable, you're much more likely to keep that time aside for yourself. And you deserve to!
It's also lovely to get to know other pregnant ladies on a really intimate level which grows week to week.


When can I join?
From your 12 week scan.


Is it Beginner friendly?
Yes this class is welcome for all pregnant ladies, whether you consider yourself new to yoga (or fitness in general) or experienced.

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