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I am delighted to introduce two completely unique and indulgent treatments to You Time Yoga with Hayley

Reiki Treatment

Mothering the Mother

A Bespoke Package to nourish new mums

In past times, and in other cultures, the new mother is tended to and taken care of by her village of women, while she tends to her new baby. This honouring of new mums at such a vulnerable and crucial time in their lives seems to be missing in our current society. 

Allow me to fill this gap with this holistic healing treatment, which includes:

- Closing the Bones Breathwork & Womb Meditation

- Very Gentle Yoga stretches, depending on the mother's need

- A guided relaxation, with tai yoga massage techniques 

- A goodie bag, which includes a snack, a smoothie and an organic facial pack

- Two optional extras: Baby Yoga and/or Massage (depending on babies needs - colic routine, teething routine); Baby wearing/cuddling so mum has some time to bath (or whatever she likes!)

1 or 2 hour treatment, depending on added extras

Venue: Your own Home

£50 per hour  

Tai Yoga Massage
A Bespoke yoga one to one offering

This is not your average yoga one to one. 

Enjoy 30 minutes of yoga tailored to your own needs, whether that's physical or emotional. I can help with issues ranging from achy lower back to feeling overwhelmed and unrested. 

Feel complete relaxation and nourishment, with 30 minutes of guided relaxation and tai yoga massage. Gorgeous music playing, and organic essential oils flowing, I will adjust and massage your body into deep stillness and release.

1 hour treatment 

Venue: your own home


Yoga at Home
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