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Yoga for Mum's Mental Health & Wellbeing

Maternal mental health is an on-going ride throughout your life as a mother. Anxiety, depression and loneliness can affect any mum at any stage of motherhood. You do not need a formal diagnosis to attend the course, this course is for you if you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed or just a bit off in general. 

This course explores how yoga can support and nurture your maternal mental health. You will finish the course with knowledge and practical coping strategies for your mental health toolkit.

Each session has a key focus and is a mixture of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, journaling, and more. . .

Week One - The Nervous System
Week Two - Mindfulness
Week Three - Oxytocin
Week Four - Serotonin
Week Five - Restorative Yoga


You are so welcome to attend if you have done the course with me before, there are a couple of changes:


Runs as a smaller group we can create a space of trust and support. 


The course costs £62.50, which includes:

  • 5 yoga classes 

  • Journal & Pen 

  • Essential Oil Blend 

  • Online replay of course

If you feel this would support you, if there is an inner voice saying yes, please do come. If there are any barriers popping up in your mind, just email me or we can chat on the phone about how we can overcome them together. 

Next Course Coming Soon!

Testimonials from previous attendees 


I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the yoga class on Monday - it was just what I needed! I got home to find that my son hadn't gone to sleep yet, but I felt much more able to cope with it without getting stressed than I'm sure I would have done without the lovely relaxing class that evening - thank you!


Thank you for tonight's class. It was fantastic, I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. My mind has not been that still for a long time - totally switched off and I felt like myself again.

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