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2022 - Our First Full Year

I hope you join me for celebrating You Time Yoga with Hayley's first full year in business, since I began teaching in 2020.

Half way through my yoga teacher training, I fell pregnant with Oli. Three months into starting to teach yoga, baby Oli just 4 months old, began the pandemic and numerous lockdowns. Remember that hidious winter lockdown at the beginning of 2021? During that lockdown, I found out I was pregnant again and had horrendous morning sickness.

So here's to 2022 - our full year of yoga classes, with no lockdown, pregnancy or maternity leave interruptions! HURRUH! :-D

And what a fantastic year of classes and events it was:

  • January 2022 - Weekly Yoga classes started up again after my maternity leave with Baby Joshy

  • February 2022 - I held a pregnancy yoga workshop for 6 blooming mummies - my first ever workshop!

  • March 2022 - I started teaching Prenatal Yoga at Winchester Sport & Leisure Park. I had to teach an Audition class and was observed by Lorna from Luna Yoga Winchester - my first ever yoga teacher from 12 years ago. It felt I had come full circle.

  • April 2022 - I held a postnatal yoga workshop for 12 mummies - Time out for them to rest and recharge, stretch and unwind. It was delishious and got me thinking about my postnatal offerings . . . I started working on and held my first Yoga for Mum's Mental Health & Wellbeing course. We use yoga to add to our mental health toolkits, which we can draw on anytime we need.

  • May 2022 - While weekly classes continued, behind the scenes I was busy creating and organising what is now known as Mum & Baby/Child Yoga.

  • June 2022 - Mum & Baby/Child Yoga classes began at Lanterns Nursery School. I have nothing but positive feedback from mums, who enjoy their postnatal yoga knowing their baby toddler or preschooler is in a safe space with lots of toys! The class is now mainly fully booked each week.

  • July 2022 - I met with the Social Prescribing Team at The Friarsgate Practice, who then added my Yoga for Mum's Mental Health & Wellbeing onto their prescibing list. Such a fantastic tool for mums!

  • August - I continued teaching yoga over the summer holidays (yes, even though I'm a mummy of three!) and the Summer Chill Sessions went down a storm. Look out for those again next August.

  • September 2022 - I began filming weekly at Station Mill Health & Fitness for Octavia Hamilton Physiotherapy's amazing new online platform - Xena Life. I also Guest Taught on peaceful Warrior Yoga's retreat day, and will be doing so again in October 2023.

  • October 2023 - I began sharing monthly Restorative Yoga. Such a delight to offer, especially hands on touch and assits. I am attending a CPD this week with Laura Green Yoga called The Alchemy of Touch. I can't wait!

  • November 2023 - I met up with Ellen from Almara Entera Yoga and together we created a yoga retreat for Women's mental health, called Flourish. Its in March 2023 and booking is now live. Ellen is a perinatal mental health nurse, and I know we are going to create magic together.

  • December 2022 - annnddd relax. I realised in December that being a mum of three and running your own business over Christmas is blooming hard work, so going forward I will not be teaching classes over December and will treat myself to the month off! How often do we gift ourselves rest?!

So incredible summarising 2022 for myself, and seeing all the amazing collaborations and friends I've made over the year. I've also taught & met so many lovely people, babies, mums and children.

I continue to feel so passionate about how Yoga can support families, and in particular Mums. Throughout 2023, I will continue offering my Yoga for Every Stage of Motherhood - Prenatal, Postnatal and Beyond. I sincerely hope you can join me for a class or event.

Love Hayley xxx

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