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Winter vs Spring

Why New Years Resolutions are unattainable . . .

Every year during the middle of winter, we celebrate the beginning of a new year with hopes, dreams and aspirations of what this new year will bring us. We plan the year, making resolutions and promises, but it's well known that we have often given up on these resolutions by the middle of January. Have you ever wondered why this may be?

The world is cyclical by nature, and we live through four seasons each year. Animals and plants, in fact any living being, adapts to and lives by these seasons. Apart from, its seems, us!

In the middle of the bleak, cold and dark Winter we try and reborn ourselves. It's no wonder we fail. Most other animals are still resting, eating, hankering down and waiting for winter to pass.

On our daily walks, the children and I have noticed the first signs of Spring. We even have Snowdrops in the garden already. This is the time to plan, to dream, to aspire. Spring is the time to come back alive along with the Earth around us, to blossom in to who you will be this year.

My next block of hatha yoga is based around just this - Springing into Spring. Uplifting, fun and bright yoga flows.

Try taking a moment to re-evaluate the new years resolutions you set a month ago, and decide if they are still for you now Spring is near.

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