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Finding the Calm amidst the Storm

I really don't want to weigh you down with a a deep and meaningful essay about the world, or my personal feelings bout the world, right now. There's plenty of this going around already.

Instead, here are a few short and easily implementable tips on how to find calm amidst a storm. Each tip will bring you back to the present moment - the only truth we have. I hope they help.

*Only check the news once a day. It's ok to find the news triggering. Turn it off - the TV, the radio, social media. Turn it off.

*Focus your attention on what is happening right now in front of you. Commentate in your mind to overide any anxious thoughts. E.g. "I am sat at my computer typing. Joshua is on his playmat next to me. I am safe. All is well right now."

*Move your body - yoga, walk outside (especially if you can get to the woods or the sea), put on your favourite song and dance, go for a run, swim.

*Have a bath and try to tap in to each of your five senses:

1. touch - the warm water

2. sight - light some candles and turn the main light off

3. hearing - play some relaxing spa music (there are loads of playlists on spotify - message me if you'd like me to send you my fave)

4. smell - use your fave bath salts or bubble bath

5. taste - enjoy a herbal tea while in the bath or after

*If you are having trouble sleeping, please do join me for my Yoga for Better Sleep Workshop, where we'll be learning and practising lots of different ways to relax and sleep.

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