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New Year Reflections 2022

What is Yoga to me and You Time Yoga with Hayley?

My first yoga class was back in 2011 and from the first class I was absolutely hooked. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. Not only had I released tension from my body and worked on my strength, I had also released tension from and strengthened my mind. I felt refreshed, calm and grounded, as if I’d been on holiday for a week!

Slowly, getting stronger and stronger with each yoga practice, came a sense of awakening. A connection with something deep within myself - my spirit, my truth, some may call this God or a Higher Source.

There have been some memorable moments during my practice, in particular during a guided meditation I had spiritual experience. My body become warm, glowing. It felt completely whole and ‘together.’ I felt my body float up from the floor glowing and golden, like the sun. Wow, it was incredible.

And now, although I absolutely love the physical asana practice of yoga, it is the sense of connection and grounding that keeps me coming back to my mat, that keeps me afloat on the choppiest of days.

With constant input, noise and stress from the world coming at us from all directions (social media, the news, technology, our children!), it is through my yoga practice that I quieten the external and travel deep within myself to remember and trust my truth.

I feel so honoured to share this beautiful offering with others, I wish everyone in the world could practice yoga. Not just asana, but meditation, breathing techniques, yoga nidra, etc. It is daily therapy for the body, mind and soul.

After 7 months on maternity leave, I can’t wait to start teaching yoga again tomorrow - a 6 week course centred around cutting out the external noise and travelling inward. I’ve called it New Year, Same You. Let’s lean in to accepting ourselves just as we are right now.

How would it feel to know that you are complete exactly as you are?

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