Pregnancy & Post-Natal Well-Being Coaching


At this delicate and important stage in our lives, overwhelm, exhaustion and confusion can easily set in. Advice from Healthcare Professionals, social media and well meaning family and friends can become a minefield of opposing views. Throw into the mix our changing bodies and sense of identity, and its no wonder we can feel lonely during Matrescence - the birth of the mother (Dana Raphael).

Through one hour coaching sessions, either in-person or via zoom, I can support you through any questions, concerns or difficulties you're having during this time. This could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. For example, a reoccurring muscle pain from feeding your new baby, new worrying thoughts, or time management as a mother. I use my mixture of experience and professional training to help you find your truth and feel confident in your intuition. I can also signpost to other professionals if needs be.


Pregnancy or Post-Natal Well-being Coaching costs £30 for an hour session. This includes a follow up email summarising our discussion and guidance for moving forward.